Montag, 2. März 2015

Encounter of a special kind

Pic de Bugarach
The Pic has the reputation to be a stargate into diffrent dimensions. In 2012 there was a big run on properties in this region. The rumors said that here next to the Pic de Bugarach it would be save when it comes to the end of the world as predicted by the Mayan-Calendar.

It was said that there will be a spaceship that will pick up the people or the stargate will open and let people walk in like through a worm hole into another, save place.

At our first stay in Bugarach we met in fact several people, who believe in the existance of aliens, even claimed to have had an encounter with them.

Well, I still do not know what to think about this.

During my preparation for the jouney to Bugarach I did several shamanic journey into the Pic together with a friend. We experienced in this meditation that we have been taken to another planet.

emblem in the abbey of St. Hilaire
There we got initiated with new cosmic energies, that we now use in our daily work as healers.

As a spiritual healer I have very often contact to etherical beeings, angels, spirits of nature, ghosts and some that introduce themselfs as beeings from another planet or even another galaxies. I can perceive them as an energy and sometimes I can communicate with them (I rarly see them).
St. Hilaire

I take this beeings for real, though they are showing up only on an etherical level. At the same time I know, that every encounter in my life is a reflection of myself. A projection that my soul created to indicate certain things and to visualize thouse issues that I have not integrated yet.

Alien Space Port ?
The more urgent an integration is, the more manifest is the mirroring in the outer world.

I recognized that most of those, who had an alien encounter, have been traumatised by an earlier stroke of fate. Due to the anguish they had fragmented a part of their essence.

Did this experience impose them to re-encounter with the "alien", to follow the invitation to heal and re-integrate the fragmented soul part?

Or, is the encounter with this people an invitation to myself to open up to something, that I thought could only live and exist in my imagination?

To be honest, this scares me a little bit!  ;)

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